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Web 2.0 Development

It's time to celebrate - the internet is changing. Gone are the days of boring, static pages and confusing, bloasted applications.

So what is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is essentially the second generation of the internet. The focus of Web 2.0 is communication, collaboration, sharing and simplicity.

The Web 2.0 User

To be successful on the internet today, one must understand the consumer - and the consumer is changing. No longer will people accept drawn-out, boring or complicated websites - the competition is great and in the new marketplace, it's survival of the fittest.

Previously, an average user's presence was their personal website. Today, they are using blogs, social networking sites and collaborative, community wiki sites from a range of desktop and mobile devices.

The web 2.0 user is vastly more adept, taking advantage of a wealth of information from trusted review sites, social networks or blogs before purchasing products or services. They are also eager to contribute to such sites with their own experiences also.

Our solutions are built with this new generation of users in mind.

Building Web 2.0

An intriguing challenge of web 2.0 arises when trying to simplify seemingly complicated concepts. As competition increases, users' attention spans are reduced and they need to be immediately captivated by the simplicity and addictive nature of an application. NetShock has significant expertise in applying simple, addictive approaches to applications that may or may not contain complicated processes or logic.

In conjuction with the latest Microsoft software technologies, NetShock is able to produce a professional, maintanable and scalable web 2.0 solution for your organisation while keeping it simple, fun, fast and addictive for your customers.

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